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    20 May 2015

    Mad Max 5 Gets a Title 'Mad Max: The Wasteland'

    George Miller confirms that the follow-up to Mad Max: Fury Road will be called Mad Max: The Wasteland!

    Off the back of pretty sensational reviews, Mad Max: Fury Road opened to $45m in the US over the weekend, and with its haul from elsewhere on the planet taken into account, the movie has thus far grossed $110m. That's a great return.

    Miller has thus already signed up Tom Hardy for two more films, and he's got the pair of them mapped out already. During the delays in getting Mad Max: Fury Road made, Miller put a screenplay and novella together for further sequels.

    In a lengthy interview with The Daily Beast, Miller, the original franchise mastermind, discusses the long set of circumstances that delayed Fury Road for 17 years from conception to theatrical release. Besides the 9/11 attacks putting the kibosh on a planned late 2001 shoot, setbacks were numerous; notably the passing of its handpicked star, Heath Ledger, in January of 2008. Miller explains of Ledger’s unrealized tenure as Mad Max:

    "Every time Heath [Ledger] would come through Sydney, he’d call in and we’d chat about Max. He had that same thing that Mel and Tom Hardy have—that maleness, charisma, and restless energy, which you need to play a relatively still character. The world lost someone great when he went. Tom was the next to walk through the door that had that vibe."

    There is no confirm release date for the movie yet!

    Stay tuned with us for more details about Mad Max: The Wasteland.
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